Costa A

Costa A splits his time between cartooning and academia. His political cartoons have been displayed in New Matlida, SameSame and Inside Film Magazine.

Matt Adams

Matt Adams is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator who contributes to The Canberra Times and MAD magazine. He has won numerous awards including Cartoon of the Year.

Dean Alston

Dean Alston is an editorial cartoonist for the West Australian. A past Walkley award-winner for best cartoon, Alston has also worked as a cartographer and publican.

Jonathan Bentley

Jonathan Bentley is an illustrator for the Courier-Mail. He has also worked as a freelance illustrator, publishing in the Independent, the Observer and the New Scientist.

Matt Bissett-Johnson

Matt Bissett-Johnson draws political cartoons for the Melbourne Observer, On Line Opinion, Dissent and Arena.

Peter Broelman

Peter Broelman is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist based in Adelaide. He has won three Stanley awards for his editorial cartoons and in 2005 and 2009 was awarded the prestigious Gold Stanley award for Cartoonist of the Year.

Jo Brooker

Jo Brooker’s creative talent and illustrative skills have established her as one of the world’s most exciting and original media artists. Under the name ‘Applegate’, Brooker created editorial illustrations for News Limited newspapers for 10 years.

Warren Brown

Warren Brown is the editorial cartoonist for the Daily Telegraph, for which he also writes a weekly motoring column. Brown has won three Stanley awards for best editorial cartoon.

Harry Bruce

Harry Bruce is a born and bred north Queenslander. After a very short career as a high school teacher, he spent the last 20 odd years drawing cartoons for regional papers in Queensland.

Pat Campbell

Pat Campbell is a cartoonist and illustrator, working for the Canberra Times and Fairfax Media for twenty years.

Jason Chatfield

Jason Chatfield is an Australian cartoonist and illustrator based in New York.

Rod Clement

Rod Clement was a pocket cartoonist for the Australian Financial Review until 2016. Clement also writes and illustrates children’s books. In 1998, he won the Walkley award for best cartoon.

Noel Counihan


Mark David

Mark David is a Queensland-based cartoonist who has previously worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The Bulletin and several other publications around the world.

Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson is a cartoonist for the Melbourne Age. In 2008 he won the Melbourne Press Club’s Quill Award for Best Illustration.

Graeme Dazeley

Graeme Dazeley always wanted to be a cartoonist and started freelancing while living in Tasmania. He was ‘prepared to work for anyone who would pay money and quite a few that didn’t’.

Christopher Downes

Christopher Downes lives in Hobart where he has been drawing cartoons for the Mercury since 2010. He never expected that one day he would be a political cartoonist, but he is and is stupidly happy about it.

George 'Zif' Duncan

George Dunstan was active as a political cartoonist in the period 1899–1922 and also worked as a journalist and a sign writer.

Andrew Dyson

Andrew Dyson is a cartoonist and columnist for the Melbourne Age and the Sunday Age.

Danny Eastwood

Danny Eastwood is a member of the Ngemba Tribe of western New South Wales. His mother was a member of the Stolen Generations. Danny was born in Sydney and lived in the Eora tribal area until he was 13.

Rod Emmerson

Rod Emmerson has been the editorial cartoonist for the New Zealand Herald since 2003. Previously, he was editorial cartoonist for APN News & Media (Aust), based in Queensland.

John 'Polly' Farmer

John Farmer is a political cartoonist for the Hobart Mercury and Sunday Tasmanian.

Rocco Fazzari

Rocco Fazzari’s cartooning and illustrative work appeared in Fairfax publications for 30 years. He is now an independent multimedia artist and produces a regular blog for Pluto Media. He is also a passionate painter.

David Follett

David Follett has illustrated and storyboarded for the advertising, animation, film, gaming, publishing and packaging industries and for numerous children’s books.

Lindsay Foyle

Lindsay Foyle is a nationally syndicated freelance cartoonist whose work has appeared in The Australian, The Bulletin, Australian Business and The Daily Telegraph.

John Frith

1906–2000 John Frith was one of Australia’s most prolific and celebrated cartoonists and artists. Frith’s career spanned forty years, most famously at The Herald in Melbourne.

Matt Golding

Matt Golding is a freelance cartoonist based in Melbourne and draws for the Sunday Age. He has won a Walkley award and seven Stanley awards. His first book, Three-Second Thoughts, was published in 2009.

Rolf Heimann

Rolf Heimann was born in Germany. After migrating to Australia, he worked as a fruit picker, in factories and on the railways. He took part in anti-nuclear protests and sailed the Pacific for two years before penning his first cartoon in 1975.

Judy Horacek

Judy Horacek is a freelance cartoonist and picture book creator. Her cartoons have been published widely in newspapers and magazines, including the Australian, the Canberra Times and Sydney Morning Herald. They currently appear regularly in the Age.

Tom Jellett

Tom Jellett joined News Limited in 1998 and also freelances as an illustrator for Penguin Books. He was a Walkley finalist in 2000.

Fiona Katauskas

Fiona Katauskas is a freelance cartoonist based in Sydney. Her political work has been published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines and currently appears regularly in New Matilda and Eureka Street.

Mark Knight

Mark Knight is an editorial cartoonist for the Herald Sun and the Sunday Herald Sun. Knight previously worked for the Australian Financial Review and the Melbourne Herald.

Jon Kudelka

Jon Kudelka is a freelance cartoonist based in Hobart. His work appears in the Australian, the Hobart Mercury and on his website. In 2008, Kudelka won a Walkley award for best cartoon and a Stanley award for best political cartoonist.

Glen Le Lievre

Glen Le Lievre is a cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age and the Sun-Herald. After a decade working in the United States, he now lives in Sydney.

Sean Leahy

Sean Leahy is a political cartoonist for the Courier-Mail in Brisbane and also writes and draws the comic strip Beyond the Black Stump.

Johannes Leak

Johannes Leak is an illustrator based just north of Sydney. After formal art training at the Julian Ashton Art School (1999–2005), he explored figurative painting for some years before switching to both natural media and digital illustration.

Bill Leak

1956–2017 Bill Leak was the daily editorial cartoonist on The Australian until 2017. He has won numerous cartooning awards including eight Gold Stanley awards for cartoonist of the year.

Simon Letch

Simon Letch is an illustrator for Fairfax Media. On his Twitter page he also describes himself as a ‘surfer at Bronte, cook at home’.

Brett Lethbridge

Brett Lethbridge is an illustrator and caricaturist for the Courier-Mail.

Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig is an Australian cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet. His commentary on political, cultural and emotional life spans more than forty years and has often explored the idea of an innocent and sacred personal world.

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis was born in Mungindi in 1953 on the Queensland side of the border and now resides in Newcastle. After graduating in Fine Arts he was a pizza cook, labourer, taxi driver, commercial artist, ballet dancer and then editorial cartoonist at the Newcastle Herald from 1986.

Eric Löbbecke

Eric Löbbecke is an award-winning illustrator and cartoonist for books, newspapers, magazines and advertising. Since 1988, he has worked for News Limited on the Australian, the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph.

Reg Lynch

Reg Lynch is a cartoonist, illustrator, designer and occasional curator. His work has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Bulletin and the Age, and a collection of his work, Bulk Reg, was published in 2000.

Peter MacMullin

Peter MacMullin is an editorial cartoonist for Adelaide’s Sunday Mail. He previously worked as a designer, illustrator and cartoonist for the Australian between 1990 and 1999 and for the Advertiser between 1999 and 2010.

Will Mahony


Andrew 'First Dog on the Moon' Marlton

First Dog on the Moon — also known as Andrew Marlton, wants everyone to know he has won a Walkley and is a lovely fellow. He is currently the editorial cartoonist for Guardian Australia.

Claude Marquet


Matthew Martin

Matthew Martin is a cartoonist for the New Yorker and The Sydney Morning Herald. He has been a cartoonist for The Times (London) and during his 11 years living in New York his drawings were published in most major American newspapers and magazines.

Philip May


David 'Macca' McArthur

David ‘Macca’ McArthur is a cartoonist for the Herald Sun.

Alan Moir

Alan Moir is an editorial cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald. He has also worked for the Bulletin and the Courier-Mail. He has won three Stanley awards, two Walkley awards and the prestigious Gold Stanley award.

Wes Mountain

Wes Mountain is a cartoonist, illustrator and writer based in Melbourne. He is currently the deputy multimedia editor at The Conversation.

Peter Nicholson

Peter Nicholson has worked for Nation Review, the Australian Financial Review, The Age (for 18 years) and The Australian (until 2016). He also produced weekly animated political cartoons for The Australian Online.

Vince O'Farrell

–2015 Vince O’Farrell was an editorial cartoonist for the Illawarra Mercury from 1986 until 2013. He won the Rotary cartoons award six times, and was nominated for the Australian Cartoonists’ Association cartoonist of the year in 2003.

Ward O'Neill

Ward O’Neill has been working as an illustrator and cartoonist since 1972 for The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The National Times, and The Bulletin. He is also the illustrator and cartoonist for the Australian Finan

Jim Pavlidis

Jim Pavlidis has been at The Age as a press artist, designer and illustrator/cartoonist in two stints since 1987. His gap years of 1995–98 were spent at The Independent and the Daily Mail newspapers in London, and at the Paris Free Voice.

Bruce Petty

Bruce Petty is one of Australia’s most celebrated cartoonists and also produced animation, sculpture and etchings. He has worked for a number of Australian newspapers including the Daily Mirror and The Australian and currently works for the Melbourne Age. 

David Pope

David Pope worked as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for many years, including at The Sun-Herald in Sydney before joining The Canberra Times as a staff artist in 2008 after local cartooning legend Geoff Pryor retired.

Geoff Pryor

Geoff Pryor recently emerged from retirement to draw a weekly cartoon for the new Saturday Paper. Before that, he had been the political cartoonist for the Canberra Times for thirty years where he was succeeded by David Pope.

David Rowe

David Rowe is a daily editorial cartoonist for the Australian Financial Review. He also occasionally creates satirical sculptures. Rowe has won numerous awards for his political cartooning.

John Shakespeare

John Shakespeare is a Walkley award-winning illustrator and cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald. He has previously worked for the Courier-Mail and the Sydney Sun.

Ian Sharpe

Ian Sharpe migrated to Australian from the United Kingdom in 1950. He worked as an illustrator for The Canberra Times.

Greg Smith

Greg Smith is editorial cartoonist for the Sunday Times and Perth’s community newspaper group. He previously worked for the Daily News.

Philip Somerville

Philip Somerville is a freelance cartoonist. His social and editorial cartoons have appeared in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Nexus, Habitat, Punch and The Sun-Herald.

John Spooner

John Spooner was cartoonist and editorial illustrator for the Age, where he worked for 42 years until his redundancy in 2016.

Ron Tandberg

1943–2018 Ron Tandberg was first published in the Melbourne Age in 1972 and is famous for his pocket cartoons. He is the winner of nine Walkley awards for best cartoon and two prestigious Gold Walkley awards.


Chris ‘Roy’ Taylor has been a professional cartoonist and illustrator for over 25 years and his work appears daily in the Herald Sun. Roy not only creates daily cartoons (which can range from federal politics to the Kardashians), but he also creates illustrations.

John Tiedemann

John Tiedemann is an illustrator and cartoonist, currently working for News Limited illustrating the OpEd page for The Daily Telegraph. He has previously worked for Fairfax Media, The Canberra Times, and The Bulletin.

Jos Valdman

Jos Valdman became an ‘overnight’ success after a career in newspapers spanning two decades. Fascinated by politicians and other zoo animals, he has been the Adelaide Advertiser’s cartoonist since 2008.

Andrew Weldon

Andrew Weldon is a freelance cartoonist whose work appears regularly in the Melbourne Age, the Sunday Age, and the Big Issue. His work has also appeared in publications including the New Yorker, the Spectator and Private Eye.

Suzanne White

Suzanne White is a caricaturist and cartoonist who grew up in Queensland, then moved to Sydney. She studied at University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts.

Cathy Wilcox

Cathy Wilcox is a cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun-Herald. She has published two collections of her cartoons and has illustrated numerous children’s books.

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Queensland-based freelance cartoonist whose work is syndicated both nationally and internationally.