Become a tour venue

We love talking to new venues about hosting our favourite annual political cartoon exhibition. And each year a new show embarks on a national tour around the country for thousands of Australians to enjoy. We seek venues to host the exhibition for a period of 6 – 10 display weeks and you’ll need around 65 lineal metres to hang the show.

Why host Behind the Lines?

  • Diversify your exhibition program
  • Boost visitation
  • Content appeal across multiple demographics
  • Saleable merchandise
  • PR and marketing opportunities
  • Public programs

What you’ll receive

  • Over 80 cartoon framed in blackwood fini-frames
  • Introduction and logo panel and eight theme panels
  • Text labels to accompany the works
  • Large print exhibition companion
  • Marketing kit
  • Family activities
  • Catalogues for the exhibition are also available for resale at your venue
Behind The Lines at Ipswich Art Gallery in 2016.
Behind The Lines at Ipswich Art Gallery in 2016.

Like to know more?

Please contact our Exhibitions Coordinator for more information: 

Greg Parish 
(02) 6270 8153