Buried bones

Scoops, scandals and secrets are the juicy bones that newshounds sniff out and dig up. They provide much-needed distractions from the momentous events unfolding across the nation and the globe. 2020 offered up the old favourites of party infighting, branch-stacking and alleged pork-barrelling. Headline writers got a gift with a scandal that rhymed: ‘sports rorts’. Meanwhile, buried bones of a different sort prompted the Department of Home Affairs to consider domestic surveillance. And the ‘robodebt’ debacle refused go away quietly.

The Virus

Lindsay Foyle, New Matilda,

Owing Something to Someone

Matt Golding, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age,

Roast Pork

Jon Kudelka, The Saturday Paper,

Herding Nats

Matt Golding, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Feeling Irrelevant

Mark Knight, Herald Sun,

The Eyes Have It

Glen Le Lievre, The Australian,

Political Pandemic

Michael Leunig, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age,

A Measure of Trust

David Pope, The Canberra Times,

Chain of Command

Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald,