Stuck in the kennel

When news came in that millions of people, first in China and then in Italy, had been placed in strict virus quarantine, few in Australia thought that would happen here. Infection numbers rising and spreading around the globe gave us an inkling of what lay ahead. ‘The Pando’ had arrived. The nation seemed to respond as one – rushing out to clear store shelves of toilet paper. Home became the new office, school and gym. Hope and fear went head to head. We went ‘doom scrolling’ and added new words like ‘iso’ and ‘sanny’ to our daily lives.

End Times

John Shakespeare, The Sydney Morning Herald,

The Apocalypse Handicap

Andrew Dyson, The Sydney Morning Herald,

The Second Wave of Hoarding

Matt Golding, The Sydney Morning Herald,

I Call It Poetic Justice

John Ditchburn, The Courier (Ballarat),

Wrongs and Rights

Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street,

Life in Lockdown

Chris 'ROY' Taylor, Self Published,

Pets of the Pandemic

First Dog on the Moon, Guardian Australia,

Flattening the Curve

Michael Leunig, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Today’s Anxiety Level

Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age,

A Lost Soul Wailing

Will Mahony, Daily News,

TP Fort

Glen Le Lievre, Patreon,

Working from Home

Glen Le Lievre, Patreon,


Johannes Leak, The Australian,

Some Expressions to Avoid

Andrew Weldon, The Big Issue,