The Empress

Tarot, toxic workplaces and time for change  

Distressing allegations and rolling scandals swirled around Parliament House. 

Across the country, women spoke up, empowering others to come forward. Thousands marched, calling for an end to sexism, misogyny, corruption and damaging workplace cultures. 

Muted reactions and a campaign misfire caught the cartoonists’ attention.

Showing just how slow progress can be, an elite club, whose members include former prime ministers and governors-general, continued its ban on women as members.

The Canberra Bubble

Peter Broelman, The Canberra Times,

Dream Jobs

Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street,

'It's Not Just the Economy ... Stupid'

David Rowe, The Australian Financial Review,

Little Help

Brett Lethbridge, The Courier-Mail,

Dazed and Confused

Glen Le Lievre, Patreon,

Window of Opportunity

Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street,


David Pope, The Canberra Times,

Serious About Women

Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age,

Inquiring Minds

Peter Broelman, The Canberra Times,

The Australian Club

Megan Herbert, Self Published,

Returned to Sender

David Pope, The Canberra Times,

A Triumph for Democracy

Harry Bruce, Townsville Bulletin,