Life, the universe and everything

When gazing up at the stars, many of us have traditionally used constellations to guide our way and understand our place in the world. Cartoonists do the same, drawing connections between political events and people to make sense of the madness.  

This year, our cartoonists brought levity to heavy and challenging subjects, summing up the complexities with the deft stroke of a pen (or stylus). But they also addressed the pervasive sense of dread that has hummed along under the optimism for a post-COVID future. Many of us continue to ‘doomscroll’ through the bad news, feeding a sense of despair, even as others pretend that things are all normal again.  

Vale Queen Elizabeth II

David Rowe, The Australian Financial Review,

Nullians Ep 16

Kamsani Bin Salleh, self-published,

Angry Map

Glen Le Lievre, Patreon,

Power Politics

Fiona Katauskas, The Echidna,

The Right Mate

Johannes Leak, The Australian,


Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age,


Alan Moir, self-published,


Reg Lynch, The Sun-Herald,

With Friends Like This...

Mark Knight, Herald-Sun,

Employee of the Year

David Pope, The Canberra Times,


Megan Herbert, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age,