MoAD cartoons

In 2018 we have, at times, scratched our heads in puzzlement at the antics of our elected parliamentarians in what seems like a topsy-turvy world. 

Many issues, such as party disunity, the role of women in parliament and MPs considered to be out of touch with their electorates, have been brought to our attention by the deft touch of the nation’s cartoonists.

Styles of cartooning change over time, but while older cartoons may look different from those of today, the issues, personality types and sometimes even the punchlines can seem uncannily familiar. 

This year our selection of cartoons from the MoAD collection, which dwell on some of these themes, shows that the old is new again, and that some issues seem never to go away.

Dazeley's day

Graeme Dazeley, The Examiner,

Paul Keating as King, with Attendants

Suzanne White, The Daily Telegraph,