"A mad tea party"

The election of Donald Trump as US president in 2016 has given cartoonists almost more material than they can handle.

This year they were transfixed, as were we all, by President Trump as he first threatened to blow up North Korea, then embraced its leader Kim Jong Un during a famous meeting in Singapore.

Trump’s other dealings with international leaders including China’s president, Xi Jinping, and his rogue utterances at various summits, caused international head-scratching.

Little Fish in a Big Pond

John Tiedemann, The Daily Telegraph,


Pat Campbell, Fairfax Syndicated,


Jason Chatfield, The New Yorker,

Hush Money

Cathy Wilcox, Fairfax Syndicated,

The Fiddler

David Rowe, The Australian Financial Review,

Check Mates

Eric Löbbecke, The Australian,

Special Bond

Matt Golding, Fairfax Syndicated,

And All His Friends

Jon Kudelka, The Australian,