Uncertain Times

As the nation grew weary of a prolonged lead-up to the election, cartoonists found plenty of inspiration overseas. Britain’s Brexit ‘Leave’ victory taking Britain out of the European Union, the rise of Donald Trump as a US presidential candidate, and a series of lone-wolf terrorist attacks in Europe seemed to point to a world where the only certainty was the unexpected. For some destinies would unravel, while for others destinies were revived. Could the same thing happen in Australia?


Warren Brown, The Daily Telegraph,


Matt Golding, The Sunday Age,

'Orrible Europeans

Peter MacMullin, The Sunday Mail,


David Pope, The Canberra Times,

Little Briton

Andrew Dyson, The Age,

The Republican Nominee

Jonathan Bentley, The Courier-Mail,

Pauline Trump

Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald,


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Lone Wolves

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