The More Things Change ...

Politics is uncertain and even before the forty-fifth parliament commenced new and longstanding issues had to be dealt with. Somehow. Immigration and the horrors of life for much of Indigenous Australia resurfaced, the same-sex marriage issue seemed to be caught in a bind about mechanisms rather than the will of the people. Even Kevin Rudd returned to the stage, albeit briefly.

Maybe … Not

Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Chasing Rainbows

David Rowe, The Australian Financial Review,

Selectively Shocked

Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald,


Christopher Downes, The Mercury,

The Finish

Alan Moir, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Nothing to Hide

Ron Tandberg, The Age,

Phoenix Rising

Jonathan Bentley, The Courier-Mail,

Halal Snack Box

ROY, Herald Sun,

Divide and Conquer

Greg 'Smithy' Smith, Joondalup Times,

For One Million Dollars

Mark Knight, Herald Sun,