The Election Campaign Begins

When the Prime Minister announced the election date some commentators suggested that ‘no one in their right mind’ embarks on a long winter campaign, the second longest in Australia’s federal history. For cartoonists, competing promises, gaffes, and campaign ads were great lampoon fodder. But would the electorate also stay enthralled?

The Long Winter

Greg 'Smithy' Smith, Joondalup Times,

The Barn Dance

Eric Löbbecke, The Weekend Australian,

Fitting the Bill

Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street,

The Same Boat

Jon Kudelka, The Australian,

The Interview

Glen Le Lievre, The Sydney Morning Herald,

The Biggest Election Issue

Sean Leahy, The Courier-Mail,

Gas Attack

Geoff Pryor, The Saturday Paper,

Capital Risk

Andrew Dyson, The Age,

The Ad Trade

Jon Kudelka, The Australian,

Long Election

Harry Bruce, Townsville Bulletin,