Political Mantras

Prime Minister Abbott remained convinced the Australian public responded to his verbal cues and the more he needed to communicate a message the more he depended on slogans and catchphrases to do the heavy lifting. Not every government minister used them as effectively though and the public soon began to wonder whether slogans were being used as smokescreens rather than signposts.

Non-Core Surprises

Jon Kudelka, The Australian,

Team Australia

Jonathan Bentley, The Courier-Mail,

No New Taxes

First Dog on the Moon, Guardian Australia,

Everyone for Themselves

Greg 'Smithy' Smith, The Sunday Times,

Age of Entitlement

Matt Bissett-Johnson, On Line Opinion,

Ages of Entitlement

Bill Leak, The Australian,

Operational Matters

Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street,

"Lifting and Leaning"

John Shakespeare, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Spot the Difference

Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street,

Year 2: The Reboot

David Pope, The Canberra Times,