Budgie smuggler flag

In the House of Representatives election on 7 September 2013 the combined Liberal-National Coalition vote was 45.5 per cent compared to Labor’s 33.4 per cent, the Greens 8.6 per cent and Others 12.4 per cent. This was a primary vote swing to the Coalition of 1.8 per cent and a swing against Labor of 4.5 per cent. There was a 3.1 per cent swing against the Greens and a 5.8 per cent swing to Others. The Coalition won 90 seats, Labor 55, the Greens 1 and Others 4.

Reading between the lines

Cartoonist Sean Leahy thinks it is important for a cartoonist to have resilience, curiosity and a real interest in the subject they are drawing and writing about. What are you curious about?