Second tier issues

Look at me, look at me

2012 was a year of mini-issues. The Gillard government vacillated when it came to implementing Independent Andrew Wilkie’s poker machine reforms. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy was cool when it came to funding Finkelstein’s far-reaching News Media Council. When Industry Minister Greg Combet announced more financial support for the car industry the public sensed how protected manufacturing jobs were. Attorney General Nicola Roxon was elated when the High Court ruled in favour of the tobacco plain packaging legislation she had championed. The Prime Minister found a new moral challenge in education funding and Julia Gillard’s naming and shaming tactics ensured that limited national disability insurance scheme trials were possible. Meanwhile Environment Minister Tony Burke announced plans to create the world’s largest network of marine parks.

Where There's a Wilkie There's a Way

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Wilkie's Plan C

Andrew Weldon, The Sunday Age,

The Need to Know

Jon Kudelka, The Australian,

The Current Model

Paul Zanetti, Syndicated,

Life Support

Paul Zanetti, Syndicated,

The Vision of St Julia

David Pope, The Canberra Times,

Coral Turpitude

Philip Somerville, Greenpeace Magazine,

Anti-Carbon Tax Tees

Judy Horacek, The Age,