Tony Abbott

In 2011 Tony Abbott, the Leader of the Opposition, continued the ferocious campaigning style he had perfected during the 2010 election campaign. Opposing the government on every issue, Abbott sought to undermine its credibility. He repeatedly questioned whether the Labor Party had a mandate to govern and constantly attacked Gillard for reversing her position on introducing a carbon tax. Throughout the year cartoonists focused on the motivation behind Abbott’s strategy of relentless opposition.

Tony Potter

Matt Adams, The Canberra Times,

Keep Nodding

Glen Le Lievre, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Wrecking Ball

Mark Knight, Herald Sun,

Keep the Boats Coming

Alan Moir, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Descending Order

Ward O'Neill, The Australian Financial Review,

Oppose Gravity

Matt Golding, The Sunday Age,

Talking It Up

John Spooner, The Age,

Abbott on Minerals Under Farmland

Peter Nicholson, The Australian,