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Throughout 2011 the Gillard government faced challenges on both the international and domestic fronts. On the international stage the government grappled with the possibility of a second global financial crisis, while also weighing up the benefits of Australia’s continued involvement in Afghanistan. At home, the landslide defeat of Kristina Keneally’s government in New South Wales demonstrated the slump in Labor’s electoral fortunes. Allegations of misuse of a credit card by Labor backbencher Craig Thomson threatened to bring down Labor’s minority government. As the year came to a close, debate ranged across a diverse set of topics including tax reform, plain packaging for cigarettes and poker machines.


Alan Moir, The Sydney Morning Herald,

News From the Front

Mark Knight, Herald Sun,

2011 A look forward

Andrew Weldon, The Age,

Bear Market

Warren Brown, The Daily Telegraph,

Two Speed Economy

Peter Nicholson, The Australian,


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Bruce Highway Promises

Harry Bruce, Townsville Bulletin,


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Shock Jock Offensive

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Two Tramps

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Pain Packaging

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Taliban Gillard and Smith

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Thomson Credit Co

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